NEDEFA publishes fact sheet “Armed Forces, Politics and Popular Sovereignty”, by Maria Celina D’Araujo

In June 2021, NEDEFA published its first fact sheet, written by Maria Celina D’Araujo on the theme “Armed Forces, Politics and Popular Sovereignty” (Forças Armadas, Política e Soberania Popular, published in Portuguese). The document summarizes the relationship between the Armed Forces and politics from the perspective of the Brazilian legal system, answering five questions:

1. What are the main principles that, in general, govern the Armed Forces?

2. How are these principles regulated in Brazil?

3. What are the practical implications of these regulations for the training of the professional soldier?

4. Is the withdrawal of the military from political activities a common practice in democracies?

5. Is this withdrawal explicit in Brazilian legislation?


Check out the fact sheet: Download PDF (in Portuguese)