What is left of the Brazilian National Truth Commission? The politics of time in truth commissions

Andrea Schettini

Article published in 2021 (in Portuguese)

Abstract: This study aims to investigate the politics of time constructed by the transitional justice field and reproduced by truth commissions. It seeks to analyze the relationship between historical and legal discourses and their effects on the delimitation of what should be considered the past and the present. The experience of the Brazilian National Truth Commission is addressed as a reference for the study of truth commissions, capable of bringing relevant contributions to the analysis of these mechanisms of justice.

Keywords: Politics of time; Truth Commissions; Transitional Justice.

Publicação completa: SCHETTINI, Andrea. O que resta da Comissão Nacional da Verdade?: A política do tempo nas comissões da verdade. Revista Direito e Práxis, set. 2021.